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I am running for County Commissioner in District 2 in Oakland County, Michigan. I want to see us put politics aside and focus on electing politicians who are finding solutions for the issues that we can solve and that matter to all of us. I will work with both Republicans and Democrats if the solution is one that helps constituents in this district and is economically sound and viable. We need to expand job training programs, so that we can create good paying jobs in our community. We need to have equality for all, and I have been a lifelong advocate for equality. We need dignity as we age, and I have been and will continue to be a champion for the elderly. District 2 needs commonsense leadership....not politics as usual! I have lived in Highland Township for over 20 years, and I am committed to common sense stewardship of this region, if I am chosen to be your Commissioner.

Seniors need access to tools and resources as they age.  Our community should be committed to helping them age in place, if that is their choice, and to make sure cost-affordable resources exist.  One of the great concerns I have for the region, is how our county is utilizing resources in a way that will help people remain healthy and vibrant.  We need to ensure our Seniors can get to the doctors, stores, and other locations with transportation that is easy and affordable.  We need to make sure that the County's resources for programs to support longevity planning and aging in place are available and utilized by anyone who needs them.  And, we need to make sure that seniors feel welcome in our community, and that we utilize the vast store of knowledge they possess.


The strength of our community is derived from a vibrant and active education system.  We must create an educational environment that enriches our students, making them life long learners, and allowing our teaches fulfilling and enjoyable employment.  The better our education system is, the stronger and more successful our communities will be.  Our county must support initiatives to modernize our schools, and to make sure that all students are receiving a first class education, allowing them to become employed and productive members of our communities.  We need to support technical schools and community colleges as viable alternatives for young people who wish to attend such institutions, and to enrich our community by undertaking important positions through such valuable training.


To improve opportunity for the next generation, we need to make sure we have great paying jobs in our communities, and the necessary infrastructure, such as smooth roads and great internet access, to make it easy to work and live in Northwest Oakland County.


Access to quality and affordable healthcare is a concern to the citizens of this District, like everyone in the USA.  My commitment  is to making sure that access remains for all citizens, and to do everything within my ability to make healthcare affordable.  Our county should be aggressively supporting any efforts to keep healthcare affordable for all its citizens.  We also need to make sure, as the majority of the population of Oakland County by the year 2020 will be 50 and over, that we aggressively attract young people who wish to work in the healthcare industries to support both population growth in our region and the seniors who reside here.


District 2 is one of the more rural portions of Oakland County.  As such, we are uniquely positioned to understand that all people are valuable and we welcome newcomers to our area and appreciate the diversity of the population in our area.  We stand for equality, fairness and a level playing field.  Whether you love lake living, or prefer to tend your garden, or live in a loft in one of our unique towns, there is a place and space for you in Northwest Oakland County.  My campaign embraces equality and diversity, and I strongly support policies that do so.


I love Northwest Oakland County for its beauty and people, from gorgeous lakes, to huge trees and wooded areas, to our gorgeous wildlife, deer, cranes, raccoons and eagles among them, we are blessed with the beauty that is Michigan for four seasons.  We must do all we can to protect that beauty for our next generation, and I am a strong proponent of making sure our region's water source and supply is safe and secure.

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